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SAFTE-FAST now features Insights, a higher-order analysis tool that identifies the root causes of schedule-induced fatigue.  Insights uses signal detection theory to find patterns in duty construction that consistently lead to elevated fatigue risk. Unlike other fatigue models that report on individual schedules with elevated risk, Insights abstracts from those individual cases the fundamental knowledge needed to avoid fatigue in the future. Insights is built on the understanding that schedule-induced fatigue is the product of a pattern of duties and prior rest, not isolated events in time.

Insights revolutionizes predictive fatigue hazard identification within overall fatigue risk management.  It reports trends and patterns in schedule construction that drive fatigue risk across your workforce.  Application of scheduling rules suggested by Insights will naturally and incrementally result in higher levels of alertness, reduced fatigue risk, and improved scheduling policies and practices.

Watch this video to learn more about Insights.

Watch this video to learn more about Insights

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