FRMS Solutions


SAFTE-FAST Center for Aviation (SFC)

The key to rapid, efficient, and accurate fatigue modeling is integration with corporate work schedule databases. In conjunction with aviation scheduling expert, Dr. Robert Gerbracht, IBR has developed the SAFTE-FAST Center (SFC), which can read files from virtually any aviation scheduling system and link them seamlessly to SAFTE-FAST for immediate analysis. Our goal is a system that provides fatigue assessment throughout the life cycle of aircrew scheduling - pairing optimizers, rostering and line generators, and tracking systems. SAFTE-FAST can be deployed as a local PC-based application or as a server-based application, hosted locally or remotely over a secure connection.

Aviation implementation tools diagram

Rail and Industrial Shiftwork Integration Tools:

IBR offers both PC-based solutions, which process spreadsheets of schedules, and server-based solutions that can read employee work hours from a corporate database. For example, the Fatigue Dashboard used by the Washington DC Metro system takes data from its data mart and automatically performs hours-of-service analysis and SAFTE-FAST fatigue modeling every two weeks. This provides a near-real-time audit of scheduling practices and fatigue status for all rail and bus operators.