IBR is, among other things, a research organization with 50 years of experience and a long list of publications. Current staff includes four doctoral level scientists with more than 70 years of accumulated experience. Our scientists have been trusted to conduct studies sponsored by the US Department of Transportation and NASA and we provide corporate clients with the benefits of this practical experience - examining sleep and performance in aircrew, railroad employees, truck drivers, and shift workers.

IBR has the logistical and technical experience to deploy tools to measure:

  • sleep with actigraphs and logbooks
  • performance with the psychomotor vigilance task, simulators, and other cognitive tasks
  • subjective fatigue with a range of test instruments.

IBR has the statistical and technical knowhow to make sense of the results and offer cogent analysis and recommendations. And finally, we can integrate any data with the SAFTE-FAST modeling system so it can "learn" from those results. For example, our sleep harmonizer tailors the sleep predictor to the exact patterns of sleep observed in workplace personnel. Our research methods are specifically designed to support a fatigue risk management system - after all, IBR "wrote the book" on FRMS used by the US FAA.