The scope of research sponsored by the FRA included an assessment of sleep and fatigue in a range of railroad shiftwork personnel, such as dispatchers, signalmen, and maintenance-of-way workers. SAFTE-FAST has proven to be just as useful for those work groups as it is for train operators.

More recently, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) adopted SAFTE-FAST for assessment of air traffic controller (ATC) shift schedules and those studies have led to FAA guidance for the design of ATC schedules. This work led to the development of a shiftwork fatigue hazard rating scale, which is used to evaluate the fatigue risk of shift rotation schedules using SAFTE-FAST.

SAFTE-FAST is also being used in the petrochemical and mining industries and is suitable for any pattern of shifts. The tool can reflect any special sleep opportunities and fatigue mitigations such as opportunities for naps. Data can be read into SAFTE-FAST from spreadsheets or automatically pulled from a corporate work-hours database.