Release Notes

SAFTE-FAST version 3.6

  1. Minimum sleep checker ignores inflight sleep (AS5 and AS6 sleep types) based on augmentation rules. These naps can now be quite short if the flight is short, but that is a rare occurrence. User is advised to set augmentation rules to avoid unreasonably short inflight naps.
  2. The program adapts to regional settings; however the output files - Detail.csv, Summary.csv Data Table, and Manager.csv all ignore regional settings and always use periods as decimal separators and commas as value delimiters. This facilitates data sharing across regions and consistent formatting for linking to other programs.
  3. Pre-duty and post-duty AutoNaps and AutoSleep naps no longer overlap commute times or work periods (an infrequent but persistent error that has now been corrected).
  4. The ManagerColumns options have been updated to include CTMinRes and DTMinRes (Critical Time Minimum Reservoir and Duty Time Minimum Reservoir).
  5. .FXM output files now use a period as decimal separator for time zones.
  6. The NoSleepZoneMultiplier default value has been changed to 1.5. This reduces interaction between explicit naps (e.g. split duty sleep events) and later Autosleep generated sleep.

SAFTE-FAST version 3.5

  1. Fully configurable
  2. Input of Explicit Sleep: estimated sleep, measured sleep, or any combination.
  3. Sleep debt (sleep reservoir) reports as well as effectiveness
  4. Fully configurable
  5. Callable & configurable from the command line.
  6. Schedules sortable by user defined categories.
  7. Work events sortable by user defined attributes.
  8. Work events classified as crewing or not crewing.
  9. Summary Report sortable by schedule categories and work attributes.
  10. Configurable individual Detail Reports for each schedule ID with minute resolution for effectiveness, fatigue factors, circadian phase, and other performance metrics.
  11. Configurable nap rules and augmentation rules.
  12. Google Earth files for geographic display of trips

Visual FAST version 3.2

  1. Fixed issue with SAFTE-FAST files that had 13 hr time zone offsets (daylight savings time in New Zealand).
  2. Sleep intervals in files from SAFTE-FAST (.fxm schedules) can be edited in the grid without losing work attributes. These files can be saved in .fxm format and retain all work event information.
  3. Fixed error that showed up when trying to use the grid edit feature as the first thing after opening a file.
  4. Improved the way waypoints are handled and eliminated several bugs in the waypoint numbering.
  5. Fixed error when a .ami file was the very first schedule file opened in VB-FAST.
  6. Solved problem with deleting sleep interval from .fas file schedule.
  7. License duration works with different (not US) date formats.
  8. Header info correctly saved for .fxm schedule files.
  9. Implemented decimal character policy for .fxm files. All data will be saved in US English format. Files opened and edited in other regions will have data displayed correctly in VB-FAST, only the file version of the data is in US English format.
  10. Fixed a problem that limited the size of files. However, there is still a 100 day limit to the size of an imported actigraph file (.ami file).