SAFTE-FAST is a very powerful model predicated on decades of fatigue research. Since the introduction of the model, Cathay Pacific's aggregated real time rosters have generated an average performance effectiveness score of 90%...

Andeon SiuAirline Safety Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

Visual FAST is the absolute best way to get the [fatigue] message across. It is almost like you designed it for those of us who understand the science to be able to explain it in simple visual terms. As a program manager in a government organization, I have found the SAFTE FAST bio mathematical model to be an exceptionally effective management tool to identify where human fatigue hazards exist, to aid in proactive policy improvements, and to evaluate options in decision making. We regard it as an essential complement to other assessment resources in improving worker performance and reducing fatigue related safety hazards.

Cherie LoveFRMS Program Advisor, Virgin Australia Airlines

The mitigation of flight crew fatigue is a critical element in securing our joint responsibility as an operator. By following the guidance and processes in our FRMP and FRMS, Delta Flight Operations meets our regulatory obligation to crew members and the FAA.

SAFTE-FAST helps us meet this obligation through assisting in schedule evaluation through biomathematical modeling from a predictive and reactive standpoint. Each month our Fatigue Risk Management Team (FRMT/FSAG) meets to discuss recent fatigue related events, including a monthly system-wide review of SAFTE-FAST modeling. Each fleet is analyzed and the pairings with effectiveness ratings that identify possible elevated fatigue related risk are reviewed by the team.

Captain Jim MangieFlight Operations, Pilot Fatigue Program Director
Delta Air Lines

The visual representation of 24-hour cycles of alertness, and how they change over a work schedule, can be effective and compelling in explaining the results of a fatigue assessment to senior management in a way that helps them appreciate the implications in terms of risk to operational safety and effectiveness. And the team at IBR have certainly demonstrated the scientific and technical credentials and ability to provide quick and effective support when it is needed.

Professor Ron McLeodIndependent Human Factors Consultant