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User Conference

October 12-13 | Campinas, Brazil


Places to Stay

Hotel near UniAzul

Ramada Hotel Aeroporto de Viracopos

This hotel is 5km (3mi) away from Campinas International Airport. There is complimentary  WiFi and breakfast, and it is approximately a 5 -10 minute walk to UniAzul.

Click here for more information on the hotel.

Hotels in Downtown Campinas

The following hotels are situated in the heart of Campinas, around a 30-minute Uber/Taxi trip to and from UniAzul, which is 19 km or 12 mi away. Click on an image for more information.

Radisson RED Campinas


Click for more information on the Raddison RED Hotel

Hotel Meliá Campinas


Click for more information on the Meliá Hotel

Vitória Hotels Campinas


Click here for more information on the Vitória Hotel

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