Experts & Partners


IBR is fortunate to work with a number of leading fatigue and industry leaders with unique and significant expertise and experience to complement our FRMS and fatigue modeling efforts.

Clockwork Research, Inc.

Since forming in 2005, Clockwork Research has remained at the forefront of developments in fatigue risk management. Clockwork's approach is founded upon a scientific understanding of the impact of human fatigue on safety-critical operating environments, combined with extensive industry experience and an appreciation of commercial realities.

GRA Incorporated

GRA provides strategic and economic counseling to the aviation industry worldwide. They are independent advisors to global air transportation stakeholders, leveraging proprietary analytical tools and experienced practitioners, which has completed major assignments for many of the world's leading aviation companies, government agencies and trade groups.

Quality Process

Quality Process has many years of experience with traditional business concepts as well as with new markets for cutting-edge technologies. Quality Process continually evaluates new technologies with an eye to finding their best uses in order to identify the correct use of technology to give businesses a strategic advantage.

Ron McLeod Ltd.

As Global Discipline Lead for Human Factors at Shell Global, Dr. McLeod led the development of, and supported and advised business globally on the implementation of Shell's corporate standard on Fatigue Risk Management. Dr. McLeod has conducted fatigue risk assessments, including bio-mathematical modeling, questionnaire-based surveys and face-to-face interviews, for a wide range of oil and gas operations ranging from exploration and production, mining, refining and manufacturing, to road transportation and shipping.

Washington State University

Washington State University's Sleep and Performance Research Center studies sleep and wakefulness in normal people-going about their everyday lives or sequestered in the laboratory-to answer critical questions about the effects of reduced and displaced sleep on cognitive performance and health and find out how these effects can be prevented or mitigated.