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Zulu Watch

Reviewing sleep data is easy with the SAFTE-FAST Console, which includes a direct import of sleep data from the Zulu Watch that can be merged directly into an employee schedule to provide actual off-wrist results.

Until now, collecting sleep data has traditionally been a costly endeavor requiring expensive medical-grade actigraphy devices.  That all changes with the Zulu Watch, a cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution that provides all the essential features of a sleep-logging actigraph monitor and many bonus features.

Unlike medical-grade actigraphy devices, the Zulu Watch does not require an expert to score activity data. Sleep data is downloaded from the Zulu Watch through Bluetooth to an iOS mobile app. 


Key Features Include:

  • Ability to record sleep events as short as 20 minutes

  • On-wrist sleep scoring

  • Off-wrist sleep detection

  • Long battery life of up to a one year

  • Automatic scoring of multiple sleep periods

  • Light sensor for bright light and blue light

Zulu Data Extractor

Download our Zulu Data Extractor App from the App Store. 


Zulu Watch Validation

Read how our Zulu Watch compares to polysomnography and see why airlines have adopted the Zulu Watch as a means to collect actual sleep data.

Zulu Video

Watch how to merge sleep data from the Zulu Watch into the SAFTE-FAST Console.

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