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Consulting Services

A Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) is a data-driven and scientifically-based management process that allows for continuous monitoring and management of safety risks associated with fatigue-related error. We offer a comprehensive set of tools and services to support FRMS needs from start to finish.

FRMS Consulting includes:​

  • FRMS planning support and evaluation

  • FRMS design and integration into a Safety Management System (SMS)

  • Corporate policy development

  • Scheduling data collection and analysis

  • Fatigue Reporting System design

  • Fatigue Modeling with SAFTE-FAST

  • Fatigue Risk Awareness and Education

Is your organization a good fit for our FRMS Consulting Services?​

  • You have a small number of shift schedules that your employees work, but you want to make sure that fatigue is considered.​

  • You are implementing one of our SAFTE-FAST solutions but need help developing a Fatigue Management Program (FMP).

  • You want to include regular fatigue training programs for your workforce. 

  • You have collected actigraphy data and would like help harmonizing and scoring the data results.

If you answered yes to any of the above, contact us today and learn how our team of scientists and subject matter experts can help your organization implement fatigue management processes across your workforce.​

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