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Real Time


Real Time is an API solution integrating validated SAFTE-FAST performance metrics in third-party scheduling systems. Real Time is a set of programming tools that allow developers to add sleep and fatigue functionality to third-party software systems.

Through a programming API (C# Framework) or a web service API, Real Time can take any schedule as input and generate sleep and fatigue metrics as output. Real Time enables crew scheduling staff to perform on-the-fly instant fatigue analysis to support their operational scheduling decisions.

Real Time Partners

Aviation Industry

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The SAFTE-FAST Real Time solution in Leon will display both Effectiveness and Reservoir metrics at the time of departure and arrival. It also includes the percent below criterion metric during flight. Download our product sheet for more information.


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Feature Comparison

The SAFTE-FAST Real Time Solution in Leon can be purchased in a basic or pro configuration. 


About Leon

Leon provides web-based flight scheduling software to support aircraft operators in their day-to-day operations.

Rail & Transit Industry


To improve safety and minimize fatigue-related safety incidents, Trapeze and SAFTE-FAST have partnered to provide transit agencies with tools to predict operator effectiveness. Together, we help you constantly evaluate risk and allow agencies to enforce Hours of Service rules to keep riders and drivers safe. Learn more:

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About Trapeze

Trapeze Group works with public transit agencies and their communities to develop and deliver smarter, more effective public transit solutions. For more than 25 years we have been "here for the journey," evolving with our public transport customers around the world helping them to move people from point A to Z and everywhere in between. Learn more:

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