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Research Papers

Fatigue Models for Applied Research in Warfighting

This study demonstrates the ability of the SAFTE model to accurately predict and measure the effects of fatigue on physical and cognitive performance.

Flight Attendant Work/Rest Patterns, Alertness, and Performance Assessment: Field Validation of Biomathematical Fatigue Modeling

This study demonstrates that the SAFTE model can predict changes in the speed of performance on a psychomotor vigilance test (PVT) based on actigraphy-based sleep data.

Validation and Calibration of a Fatigue Assessment Tool for Railroad Work Schedules, Summary Report

This study compares alertness levels in the SAFTE model against the effects of alcohol impairment and demonstrates that lower alertness levels lead to an increased risk of workplace accidents.

Analysis of the Relationship between Operator Effectiveness Measures and Economic Impacts of Rail Accidents

This study demonstrates that the SAFTE model can predict the elevated cost of fatigue-related accidents. Accidents that were associated with low levels of predicted performance were, on average, four times more costly than accidents caused by rested employees.

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