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The SAFTE-FAST Console is our premier solution: A windows-based application capable of performing fatigue analysis on thousands of schedules at a time. Whether you are importing planned, actual, or historical schedules, the SAFTE-FAST Console will perform fatigue analysis and rank order schedules by various key metrics, as well as identify schedules that have a high combined fatigue risk. Each schedule can be manipulated to model fatigue reports or incident and accident analysis.


Able to support multiple workforce groups within an organization, the SAFTE-FAST Console (or Console) is a perfect solution for schedule planners, safety teams, and business analysts.


The SAFTE-FAST Console is capable of importing schedule data from many industry-standard third-party scheduling systems. Schematics of our SAFTE-FAST CSV and XML importers are available to customers for creating customized schedule data. Schedules are loaded, then analyzed, and sort ordered into configurable key safety and performance indicator metrics.

For organizations without the need or ability to import schedules, the SAFTE-FAST Console includes an intuitive schedule builder to perform fatigue analysis.

Schedule Details

Investigate and edit schedules in further detail by viewing information in graph and tabular forms. Zoom into areas of concern and view a dashboard of fatigue and performance factors for each minute. View trends in Effectiveness as a result of work and sleep factors and overlay different data such as Sleep Reservoir, Lapse Index, Circadian Phase, Sleep Intensity, and more.  


Schedule Builder

Shift work schedules can be easily modeled using the Shift Builder. Create unique shifts and pattern templates that can be saved for continued use. Model the patterns to start on a given day and extend the duration of the pattern as needed.


Get the most out of your data by customizing default reports that can be easily integrated into business intelligence systems, or use the built-in reporting module and review standard or custom reports in a configurable reporting dashboard.


Incorporate the impact that workload can have on fatigue into your schedule analysis. Create your own unique workload rules and factors and apply them across different workforce groups within your organization. Weight each factor to suit the difficulty of the task using a seven-point scale defined to be validated with subjective rating tools like the NASA TLX scale.


SAFTE-FAST now features Insights, a higher-order analysis tool that identifies the root causes of schedule-induced fatigue.  Insights uses signal detection theory to find patterns in duty construction that consistently lead to elevated fatigue risk. Unlike other fatigue models that report on individual schedules with elevated risk, Insights abstracts from those individual cases the fundamental knowledge needed to avoid fatigue in the future. Insights is built on the understanding that schedule-induced fatigue is the product of a pattern of duties and prior rest, not isolated events in time.

Insights revolutionizes predictive fatigue hazard identification within overall fatigue risk management.  It reports trends and patterns in schedule construction that drive fatigue risk across your workforce. Application of scheduling rules suggested by Insights will naturally and incrementally result in higher levels of alertness, reduced fatigue risk, and improved scheduling policies and practices.

Watch this video to learn more about Insights.

SAFTE-FAST Console Images

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