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Visual FAST is an interactive and intuitive graphical tool for determining the factors that cause fatigue rapidly leading to effective mitigations. This tool, known to many as FAST (Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool), was developed for the US Air Force and was the first computerized application of the SAFTE fatigue model. The graphical portrayal of effectiveness remains a gold standard for assessing the performance effects of sleep deprivation and circadian variation.

Visual FAST Interface

VisualFAST Screenshot

Visual FAST:

  • Is based on more than ten years of experience and unsurpassed for performing root cause analysis of the fatigue factors and cumulative fatigue effects.
  • Displays Effectiveness as an intuitive graph of predicted performance highly correlated with the factors that cause fatigue reports.
  • Is validated to predict changes in actual worker performance and increases in accident risk.
  • Includes a Dashboard displaying fatigue factors at any point in the schedule that are the same as those evaluated by the US National Transportation Safety Board.
  • Includes easily edited graphed events to reflect the performance effects of schedule changes or "what if" scenarios.
  • The Visual FAST graph can also display other useful metrics, like Sleep Reservoir - a measure of cumulative sleep debt - and Lapse Likelihood - a measure of the chances of a lapse in attention reflective of fatigue.